Apparatus Project

by on Friday, February 26, 2010

So, I've been done with making this project for a week, but I just now got around to posting it up.

What I had to do was make a sculpture that was connected to the body. And then wear it in three different public locations. So I decided to make a lady holding on to my back, and it would be made of paper mache. It was supposed to represent the older generation afflicting the younger generation.

So I started with sneaking card board from the store I work at, and making a frame to set paper mache on. See her beautiful curves?

Can you guess what this peice is?

I added a head, and an arm. All made of cardboard, and LOTS of tape.

I wrapped dry newspaper to rounde her out before laying the paper mache down.

The paper mache was awful! I will never work with paper mache again. I don't know what I was thinking, or why any one would use this disgusting stuff. It ended up splattered allover my room by the time I was done.

I think her face was the big seller. How can you say no to that?

To finish off this horrible creature I pushed marbles into her eyes, I painted make-up onto her face, I stole my sisters clothes, and put them on her. My mom gave me a wig she bought a couple of holloweens ago, and I painted her nails. And walla! Annalee was born. She was supposed to look like an old woman, but I think she looks more like my ugly girlfriend. I'll post pictures of me and her out in public shortly.

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