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by on Sunday, March 14, 2010

So this is my latest sculpture.
The puke, spew, vomit, etc. is made of birch wood,
and the man is made of Super Sculpey sprayed with
green glossy paint.

It had to show tension. So I hope that the tension
comes across to not only me but also the veiwer.

I have to say I'm very happy with this peice, and

I think I'm gonna try to make a seiries out of it.



February - March

Annalee was an obsessive girlfriend.
She wouldn't get off my back.
I told her I wasn't into cougars, but
she wouldn't listen.
So, with the help of my class mates
(and teacher)
we got rid of her.
I hung her from the ceiling, and they
took turns beating her with a bat.
The first, and second strike didn't get
anywhere, but on the third hit her head flew
off. And then by the fifth hit her
candy insides were splattered across
the floor. It was great fun.
We ate some of her, and took the
rest home as souvenirs.
We dumped her body in the trash,
and that was end of Annalee.

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